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Weekend Seven (7/31) - lighting

The ceiling job has grown into way more than I expected.  In the middle of this time-sync, I decide that I want three light switches instead of just the two that the house was built with.

The reason for this???  I am not sure, but the wall was open and it was easy to do!  So, I did it...

Weekend Seven - old light switches (front)

Old light switches (back)

When I followed the original wires up to the attic, there was a hole big enough for one more wire.  So, this modification was fairly easy.   The hardest part was not messing up the original wiring.  Painters tape was the ticket!

Weekend Seven - new box

I used the Jigsaw to enlarge the old hole so that it would accept an old-work 3 gang box. Spiffy!

Weekend Seven - wired

Weekend Seven - installed

Weekend Seven - new wire gets put in service

The three switches:

1.  Shower light

2.  Ceiling lights

3.  Above sink lights

So, running the new wire allowed for dedicated control of the light that will be above the shower.  Obviously a very necessary item!

Weekend Seven - appropriatly rated

Weekend Seven - old ceiling light

New shower light - LED goodness

With the shower light wired and installed I returned my focus to the ceiling.  It just continues to hang over my head... got to get it done...

Weekend Seven - holes for lights

I measured to the center location of each of the four additional can lights and scribed it onto the sheetrock.  I then took a picture of each so that later when the planking was in place, I would know exactly where to cut each hole.

The square piece of sheet rock was cut in the locations that would be covered when I put in the next plank.  Part of the sheetrock was not cut so that it would remain in place keeping me insulated from the hot attic.  When there was enough planking in place to hold the sheetrock from falling, I cut the remaining side of the square.

I continued adding planks until I had enough to install the lights.  I would have preferred to continue putting up the ceiling, but my helper bailed on me!

Weekend Seven - hole saw

This hole saw made for some easy light installs!

Weekend Seven - a hole

Weekend Seven - a few shy

I finished the weekend with five new LED lights, three new dimmers and eight additional ceiling planks.  Its seems like it took way to long to get that much done, but I guess there was alot of attic work related to the lights. Also, I had to do a bunch more priming of the boards.  At least 20% of the planks have not been straight enough for me to use. Its hard to tell if they are bad while at the store.

I swear, it feels like the ceiling will never be complete.  I guess I need to stop adding unplanned stuff on to this buildCome to think of it, the ceiling was an add-on ~ duh!

And... it needs a coat of paint!

Total project time to date = 70 hours

Weekend Eight (8/8) - more ceiling work

The motivation to move forward with the bathroom work was fairly high going into weekend Eight. So, I jumped right in with a small task on a Friday night.  The wife was very excited to watch TV in the next room while I made noise.

Weekend Eight - worried about moisture

Bathrooms are known for lots of moisture swings.  Especially in the winder when the humidity is low and a hot shower feels great.  The tongue and groove ceiling and these moisture swings are the type of thing that keep me up at night.  So, I've take every step that I can to seal the ceiling to isolate it from these swings.  For example, I took the time to prime both sides of the ceiling planks.  The next area that caused me pause was the ceiling vent to the bathroom.  An extra half inch of ceiling means the vent doesn't really come down as far as I would like.  In fact, it was such that it would dump right onto the wood.

I tried to pull the duct work down, but it was a no go. So, I ended up using a piece of aluminum to extend it down.  It was a 30 minute solution!

Weekend Eight - vice work

Four bends and she was ready for screws...

Weekend Eight - complete

Bagh, with the vent job compete, its time to do more plank installs.  Its time to finish hanging planks!

Weekend Eight - Wahooo, the tub arrived on a beautiful Saturday morning

Those are mini Crown molding pieces for the ceiling.  I needed a lay-down area where they could dry without wood dust getting on the them...

Weekend Eight - caulking

After a small debate with myself, I decided to caulk the joints between the planks.  I didn't want to because if they do separate, the caulk will look worse than paint alone.  In the end, I decided it was all good because each plank is double nailed on each joist and the planks are sealed on both sides. I hope there isn't much movement.

The space between the planks is small enough that a regular caulking tube end is a disaster.  My solution was a plastic syringe.

Weekend Eight - Whew

Finally, all the planks are set, caulked and primed.  All that is left for the ceiling is a finish coat of paint and installation of the molding.  I decided to call it quits for the weekend and push the finishing phase out to the following weekend.  I am just flat out tired of looking up and working with my hands above my head.

Look closely and you can see that I caulked around the wall immediately above the shower.  Its another attempt at moisture control...

Total project time to date = 80 hours

Weekend Nine (8/15) - finish work and plumbing

With a new weekend came new motivation to finish the ceiling.   That included painting and molding.

Weekend Nine - crown molding

This was my first time doing crown molding and it is really hard to visualize upside-down and inside-out.  I used something I learned 25 years ago framing roofs after hurricane Hugo.  I made some pieces and used them as scribes. It worked great!

Weekend Nine - caulking the molding

The caulk really helps hold the molding up against the wall and ceiling. Its like glue.  I kept it away from the edges so it would not squeeze out.

Weekend Nine - two walls compete

Weekend Nine - video of completed ceiling

Whew... its feels great to be done with the ceiling.  I severely underestimated the length of time it would take to do!  It took twice as much time as I thought it would and accounts for a majority of my time to date on this project.

Weekend Nine - from ceiling to plumbing

This is a picture of the drain before moving it.

Weekend Nine - drain moved

Close enough for government work

The next step was re-routing the water lines for the tub.  My plumbing skills are not very good and I spent alot of time just looking at the floor in the bathroom.  I would like to believe that I was thinking, but in reality I was procrastinating.  I did that for about an hour before starting...

Weekend Nine - marking the tub drain and water lines

My helper and I move the tub into the bathroom to dry-fit it and mark the drain location.  I cut it with a hole saw as part of my procrastination effort.

Weekend Nine - pulling up the linoleum for more access to "the hole"

Soooooo many staples in the sub-floor!

Weekend Nine - water damage from previous shower and new holes

Weekend Nine - original tub water and drain lines

With the linoleum out of the way, I enlarged the hole.  Those two little lines need to be moved.

Weekend Nine - lucky for me the builders were slack (or maybe smart)

The specification for the engineered joist have the tongue and groove being glued.  Thank goodness they didn't because swapping out the new OSB (plyboard) would be MUCH harder if it was glued.

Weekend Nine - hacking away

didn't want to remove the vanity yet, so I busted it open on the side.  This is where the water lines need to come up.

In this picture the water is off and the two water lines have been cut.  The original plumbing had two reducer Ts to feed the tube.  Both of the Ts were cut out and replaced with straight reducers.  The old reducer Ts are sitting on the linoleum.

Also, you can see the outline of the tubs edge (Black Sharpie).  I grabbed that when we were dry-fitting the tub.

Weekend Nine - prepping to work under vanity

Four holes... The work is complete in the big one.   The fittings in the picture will have to be installed through the three smaller holes.  The larger of the three is for the water lines, the smaller one to the left is for the drain and the third is for my hand.

Weekend Nine - hole work

Week Nine - hot water line

Week Nine - cold water line

Yeah... that's blood.  I am not sure why I insisted on working through such small holes. Well, there is a decent reason fr one of the holes to stay small, but this is the drain hole and it will have to be bigger anyway.  That hour I spent thinking about what I was going to do didn't help me keep from spilling blood.

It was barely a scratch even if the blood on the wood would indicate otherwise.

Weekend Nine - tub water lines complete

Total project time to date = 104 hours