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Weekend Three (7/3) - painting

The Electrician shows up on Sunday 7/5/15, but I've got some spare time ahead of his arrival.  So, I decided to work on doing some painting.  I painted the ceiling, primed a couple walls and painted the window trim.

Weekend Three - air tub blower wire install

The tub's air blower requires a dedicated 20 amp GFCI circuit.  I am comfortable fishing wires, but I typically stay out of the the back of the panel.  So, I hired a Certified Electrician.  We started at the bathroom side and drilled up into the attic.

From the attic we stapled and routed the wire to the next fishing spot.  This was directly above the panel which is located in the garage (2 story house).  My Electrician is apparently a contortionist because he was able to get to the outside wall and drill through the plate in the attic.  The roof in that part of the house has a relatively low slope.  I tried to get to the plate and couldn't do it. Talk about tight!

Weekend Three - blower wiring

Dropping down from the attic was easy until we he hit the second floor floor-plate.   There are a couple different ways to go at this point, but the Second floor Red Room needs some new paint, so cutting through the sheet rock was the obvious choice.

With the wall open, it made it easy to get the wire from the awkward attic spot to the Red Room.

After a quick hole drilling, we were using a 20 foot fishing tape to get into the breakout hole in the panel.  From there we pulled a string back up to the Red Room and fastened it to the 10 gauge wire and pulled it back down to the panel.

Weekend Three - blower wiring

Weekend Three - completed circuit/breaker

The day after the wire pull, the new shower pan and the air tub were ordered and that completes the work for weekend three.

Total project time to date = 26 hours

Weekend Four (7/11) - sheet rock and framing

I thought I was in a semi-holding pattern because the tub is in route and I didn't want to pull the sub-floor to do plumbing until it gets here.  I almost started the lighting, but decided to wait til payday and leave the credit card in the wallet. Then, while sitting in a strategic spot, it hit me that the shower frame for the glass has no where to attach to.  I added a 2X4 on one side, but not the other - duh!  Also, the Red Room hole needs patching from the wire pull.

So, on 7/11/15 off to Lowes I went.  $10.56 later I had a 2X4,  a 2'X2' piece of sheet rock and some sheet rock tape.

Weekend Four - ugly hole

Weekend Four - ugly patch job

Good grief, I suck at sheet rock. 

Can't wait to revisit this hole to fix the mess :rolls eyes:

Weekend Four - making an anchor point

The blue tape is the outside edge of the shower pan.  There will be a small wall there that is the same height as the drop in tub height.  In the middle of where the insulation is pulled out, there needs to be a 2X4 so that the glass-man has something to attach to. 

We are gonna get one of those spiffy frame-less showers and from what I've seen, those builds use some think/heavy glass.  So, this needs to be beefy.

Weekend Four - before adding the stud

From this shot, you can see the back-side of the closet wall.  This is where the outlet box and the air-blower hose will pass through.

Weekend Four - additional stud (sort of)

The bottom remains open so that I can easily access the closet on the other side.  Thats where the tub's air blower will be.

Weekend Four - adding the stud

Decking screws for the win!

Weekend Four - Hydro Systems


As part of the warp-up for weekend four, above are the pictures of the two shower pans I ordered.  First, I ordered the Hydro Systems 42X42" shower pan, but the day before it was delivered I changed my mind.  The Hydro Systems is a drop in acrylic pan that does not get tiled.  For a couple of reasons, I decided that I wanted a tiled shower floor.  As a result, I ordered the KBRS 42X42" pan.  I've never done any tile work, so this should be interesting.

I almost changed my mind when I saw the Hydro Systems pan.  Its a high quality pan that would be super easy to put in.  In the end, I wanted a tiled shower floor and less of the acrylic look in the bathroom.

As for the KBRS pan, it seems to be the right item.  I scoured the interwebs doing research and what-not. Some of the reviews I read on KBRS' competitors left me comfortable with this purchase. It is well made, even if it seems to be a bit light-weight.  Installation, installation, installation!

Total project time to date = 31 hours

Weekend Five (7/17) - Ceiling Work

I was still in a holding pattern because I didn't have the tub.  To kill some time, I decided to do a bead-board style ceiling.  The Orange Big-box store had some decent tongue and groove plank boards.  So, I bought some boards and a Bostich finish nailer.

Weekend Five - new tool

Bostitch BTFP72156

Weekend Five - bead board

I am a little worried about installing pattern board in the bathroom.  Those long hot showers in the winter make for some drastic swings in humidity!  In an effort to limit any shrink-swell problems, I've taken care to prime both sides of the planks.  I am also flirting with the thought of putting in an exhaust fan...

Weekend Five - ceiling prep

Weekend Five - stud finder

Snapped some chalk lines.

Hard drive magnet and dental floss.

Weekend Five - spacers

The Black wedges in the picture were left over from a previous laminate floor install.  The plank ceiling needs to be spaced similarly to a floating floor.  I will be leaving about 3/16" from the wall on all sides and these wedges were perfect for a solo ceiling job.  Well, solo for this weekend.  The longer planks will require a helper.

Weekend Five - first planks

I got three pieces installed before I had to shut down the job for the weekend.  I have a coupe more custom cuts before I get into the rectangular portion of the bathroom.  The remaining pieces should go up relatively quickly.

That said, I will have to do some sheet-rock cutting for lights...  that will slow things down.

It looks decent for primer only, but it was a lot of work for three boards!  Priming both sides of the boards was a huge time killer.

Total project time to date = 39 hours

Weekend Six (7/25) - more ceiling work

So, for this weekend, I only have one day to work on the bathroom.  I needed to get a lot done because the tub is supposed to show up within a week!

Weekend Six - holes marked for ceiling lights

I am installing some can lights and the clips will not work with the sheet rock and wood ceiling together.  So, I need to remove enough sheet rock so that the clips will fasten securely to the wood.

Weekend Six - attic before moving insulation

Insulation cleared

Weekend Six - first cut

The attic was hot!  So, I cut one hole and one hole only.  It turns out that was a good move.  More on this later...

Weekend Six - hot, hot, hot!

After getting a couple boards in place, I went back into the attic and placed the sheetrock square back into the hole I cut it from.  Ahhhh, no more heat pouring into the bathroom.

Weekend Six - my old friend

This setup was a huge mistake and I knew it from the get-go.  I tried to work around it instead of cutting the water off, capping the lines and covering the hole. I made it Three weeks before the inevitable...

Weekend Six - broken water pipe

The wife was helping me with one of the pattern boards when she stepped into the hole.  Luckily she was not hurt, but the water pipe did break.  Water started spraying out and I hightailed it under the house to cut the water off.  It ran for a good 45 seconds though.

The wife was quick and grabbed a bunch of towels and by the time I got back up to the bathroom, she had a good bit sopped up.  She was doing her best to dry the sheet rock that makes up the ceiling in the room below.  Unfortunately, we could not reach all the water that was down between the joists.

Weekend Six - ceiling below

The hole on the left was made to release the water in the ceiling and to start the drying process. The whole on the right was made to inspect the piping.  I was fairly sure we had damaged the water line at the point where it went through the joist. So, I wanted to be looking in there when the water was cut back on.

Luckily there was no damage to the pipe!  The bad news is that the resulting Lowes run, capping the plumbing lines, tearing up the ceiling and inspecting for leaks ate up about 4 hours of time.

The really bad news is that I will have to do more sheetrock work!  Ahhhhh well, I am going to leave it open until after the drains have been relocated.  Maybe having underside access will help with that task?

Weekend Six - not much accomplished

So, basically I put up 4 boards in 9 hours.  I did have to paint some more boards, so that ate through some time also, but Holy cow!

One of the boards was a custom cut and the rest should be fairly starlight forward.  Maybe next weekend will be more productive!

Total project time to date = 48 hours