Bathroom Mod Blog Five - Framing the Tub - jspirate

Week of 8/31 - The week before school starts!

I had to take the week off because my wife the school teacher had to go back to work, but the students (including my boys) were still off.  So, I used this time to get some more work done on the bathroom.  When school starts its going to be hateful for all 5 of us to fight over a hall bathroom.  I have no delusions of completion, but it will help me get that much closer.  I ended up getting about 20 hours of work during the week ~ YES!

The job picked up right where it left off... adding plyboard to the floor for stiffening.

Week of 8/31 - dry fit

With the extra plywood screwed down I started to frame up the tub. The first step of that was dry fitting the shower pan and tub.  I sued a sharpie to trace everything out.

Week of 8/31 - tight spot

Week of 8/31 - framing

Week of 8/31 - close enough for government work

Week of 8/31 - more framing

Week 8/31 - walkway

Another view

Week 8/31 - what a mess

Older picture, but true to form

This project is messing up my garage!!!

Week of 8/31 - rest of the house is taking a hit also

This is the bedroom off of the bathroom being worked on. Its not readily apparent in this picture, but every corner of the room is being used for staging of tools or supplies.  The tub is being staged in another room, but is being used frequently on this day. So, it was temporarily staged on the bed.   My wife is being very patient!

Total project time to date = 148 hours

Weekend Twelve (9/4) - more framing and tile prep

There was alot of positiveness going into weekend Twelve.  I was looking forward to doing some framing work and not wearing the knee pads all day.

Before starting to frame, I sat down at my thinking spot to think.  It occurred to me that I had at least two things that need to be re-worked.  The tub water lines were not to my liking and the stud for the frame-less shower door had warped.  In short, the water lines needed to be moved (again) and the stud needed 3 anchor points instead of 2.

Weekend Twelve - tub decking

Weekend Twelve - quarter inch

The shower pan I went with is made by KBRS and their installation instructions call for the use for 1/4" furring strips.  These spacers hold the tile backer wall out over the lip of the shower pan to help keep the water headed for the drain.  So, the ledge above is the inside of the shower and I cut the deck to come out even to the furring strips.

Weekend Twelve - backer board space

This space is for a piece of backer board.

Weekend Twelve - decking complete

The decking perimeter is done, but the hole for the tub still needs to be cut.

Weekend Twelve - a view to the thinking spot

I snapped this shot because I was curious as to what my wife sees when she is taking a bath and I am thinking.  Apparently most couples are not in the bathroom at the same time.  We are strange like that I guess.  haha

Weekend Twelve - cut out for drop in tub

The tub didn't come with any specifications for the cut out, so I was forced to improvise.  First, I secured the decking with 4 screws and then enlisted my wife's help.  with her watching,  I backed the screws out and climbed in under the piece of plyboard.  The with some guidance she re-secured the 4 screws to make sure that the plyboard was returned to the exact same spot.  Then, I used a sharpie and a level to transfer the lines that had been scribed on the floor to the underside of the plyboard. This gave me a solid approximation of where the perimeter of the tub should sit.  all I had to do was to sufficiently cut inside this scribe mark.

On my first cut, I didn't take enough and the air hoses on the tub would not pass and let the tub into the hole.  So, I cut a little more and tried to fit it again.  BINGO!

Weekend Twelve - she fits

This is a drop in tub and the installation instructions specify that the perimeter of the tub is not to touch the decking (or at least not bear any weight).  All of the support for the water and wife are to go to the base.  The base is to be set in mortar.

The main reason for working to get the decking the right size is so that tile can be laid on the decking before setting the tun.  This will hopefully make for a clean looking installation.

Weekend Twelve - rework No. 1

2X4 modded

I brain farted when I read the instructions for the tub water valves.  They say that the valve can be installed in a deck of 2.5 inches.  Its actually a little more than 2.5 inches, but not as much as I had built in.  One of the valves has to go through a 2X4, and the total depth with decking, thinset and tile will almost 3 inches.  So, I had to take out the 2X4 and modify it.  Luckily, I used screws for alot of the build, so this was an easy fix.

Weekend Twelve - it should work!

Weekend Twelve - rework No. 2

First attempt

With just 2 anchor points (first attempt) the 2X4 for the shower glass warped.  The new build has 3 attachment points.

Weekend Twelve - gulp

With the tub decking cut correctly the next potential heart-breaker was that the decking was not built to the correct height.  It was time to test my calculations.  To do this I cut 4 pieces of backer board and 4 tiles.  I then mixed some thinset troweled it on and mounted the tile to make 4 test pieces.  Once dried, I laid the backerboard/tile on to the plyboard decking and lowered the tub in.

I was almost scared to look!


Weekend Twelve - Awwww yeah!

I ended up with about 3/16".  I will probably use a little bit more thinset and tighten the gap up when I lay the tile.  After the tile is laid and set, the tub will be placed in mortar using wedges to hold it at the perfect height above the decking.The long story short, is that somehow I pulled it off.  Thats not bad for someone who has never done anything like this before.

I am sure the pros would laugh at my methods, but they worked for me!

Weekend Twelve - backer board

To install the backer board, I used the same scribe method that I used for the plyboard decking.

My motto is to scribe whenever you can. Well, at least for critical time consuming cuts.

Weekend Twelve - fastend down

Weekend Twelve - furring strips

As mentioned earlier, the shower pan installation requires furring strips.   As a result, the same strips have to be used behind one side of the tub backsplash.  This will ensure that the wall is uniform across the shower wall and through the tub backspash.

Weekend Twelve - backsplash

The screws were used as temporary spacers.  Once the backer board was secured, they were removed.

Weekend Twelve - more backer board

Total project time to date = 156 hours